Photo by Kristian Irey

Photo by Kristian Irey


Creating meaningful experiences that inspire a sense of wonder, Courtney brings brands to life through styling, photography & interiors.

Combining her business acumen honed as a former innovation and strategy consultant with her time spent as a creative director at an award-winning ad agency, Courtney's experiences include campaign concepting, product launches, content creation & visual merchandising.

Resourceful and scrappy with an eye for the extraordinary, Courtney works with clients to define a creative vision and bring it to life in the physical world. Clients and collaborations include partners big and small, from brands like Google, Disney and Netflix to her in-house lifestyle brands Kinsman and Wilson & Wallace.


Freelance creative

Kinsman, Willson & Wallace | owner

Deeplocal | creative director, experience designer, strategist

Deloitte | consultant

Penn State | marketing & film