Photo by  Kristian Irey

Photo by Kristian Irey


Creating meaningful experiences that inspire a sense of wonder, Courtney brings brands to life through creative direction, content creation & interiors.

Combining her business acumen honed as a former innovation and strategy consultant with her time spent as a creative director at an award-winning ad agency, Courtney's experiences include brand development, campaign concepting and execution, new product launches, content creation, and experience design. 

Resourceful and scrappy with an eye for the extraordinary, Courtney works with clients to define a creative vision and bring it to life in the physical world. Clients and collaborations include partners big and small, from brands like Google, Disney and Netflix to her in-house lifestyle brands Kinsman and Wilson & Wallace.


Freelance creative

Kinsman, Willson & Wallace | owner

Deeplocal | creative director, experience designer, strategist

Deloitte | consultant

Penn State | marketing & film